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Music –The Unbidden Panacea For All The Pains

Music is an art that combines various sound levels and is put together in a rhythm that is liked and enjoyed by the audience. Music can be learnt by all but there are a few who are born for this art and anything from their mouth would soothe our wavering soul. It is a panacea for any kind of pain or troubles and it is even more effective for it is direct from the Nature. Writing about music or trying to describe it in words is something beyond possibility for music is not the same to all. It is looked upon differently by different people. For a few, it is an entertainment while for a few others it is a mode of soothing their ailing soul. It has the power and magic of satisfying and consoling somebody in trouble and it is medically prescribed for some patients who suffer from some peculiar diseases and problems.

For some, it is their very life and they cannot be without music even for a second. Music has no age barricades and anybody of any age can try to learn this art. As stated above, there is a very close relationship or connection between music and the human health. It forms the basis and is a fundamental requirement. Surprisingly there is a form of music and rhythm in every action and movement of ours which generally goes unnoticed. We need not be great singers, but all of us hum and sing everyday; we need not be great dancers, but all of us walk and take a step and sway to a song played; we need not be great composers but still we clap and tap for any rhythm we hear. All these happen naturally and this shows how music is innate in everybody.

There is a musical note is every sound we hear. But again we should know to discriminate between music and noise. Noise also is a way of making sound but that which irritates and annoys the human body.

So it is considered a rough and unwanted mode of music. Human brain has been empowered with this power of distinguishing between what is soothing and what is annoying for the human ears. It is this part of the body that instructs to fly in the air along with the rhythm when a melody is played and at the same time make us turn our backs when a disturbing tune is played.


Music has an impact on everything we do in our lives and more so on our healthy living. And it is not just the human body but also plants and animals that have been found to be responding to music and its rhythm in a positive way.

There were many research and tests conducted to test the effect of music on plants. When a melody was played to a sapling, it grew to be a very soft and evergreen, ever fresh flower and fruit bearing plant. But to the same sapling, when an annoying and disturbing tune was played, it turned out to be a stunted one and with thorns.

This experiment is not to convince you all with just words but has been tested in reality. This is an open test and can be tested by all who doubt the findings.

Music and its effects on health

It is through ears that we get to hear any type of music being played. This is directly sent to the brain which has some primary responding nerves that filters and sends these music waves to the different parts of the body. Many neurobiologists and doctors have spoken about the effects of this soul soothing music in many of their books and researches. And this is used to treat many ailments.


It is believed that Apollo is the god of music and medicine. The present day world is filled with new pains and troubles to the human body and it is in this music people can find a solution for most of these problems that are mostly related to the mental health of a person. It has been proved and found that music has the capability to arrest cardiac problems, bring down the blood pressure and relieve a person from tensions and stress. So try to soothe your soul with music and this will keep you trouble-free.